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Clay tile roofing has been around for a very long time. Clay tiles are a traditional and at the same time prestigious roof covering. The biggest advantage of tiles is their long service life and high resistance to climatic weather conditions. Tile roofing can withstand wide temperature fluctuations and, unlike other natural roofing materials such as wood, clay does not deteriorate and is not threatened by pests and microorganisms.

Today, the quality of tiles has improved and they are also available in concrete. Concrete tiles are cheaper than clay tiles, but they have the same shape. As the years go by, tile roofing only becomes more beautiful and interesting. The cost of building a tiled roof is similar to other types of covering. The approximate service life of the covering is even more than 100 years, so the tile roof is the most advantageous from the point of view of service life.

A tiled roof, unlike other types of coverings, provides greater comfort. It is silent in the rain, electrostatically neutral, energy efficient in both hot summers and cold winters, is visually attractive and ecologically clean.