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Shingle roofs were widely installed on wooden houses until the 1940s. Even in our days, this roofing has not lost its relevance and the owner’s choice for his building.

Tiled and chipped roofs create a distinctly ecological impression and are as if created for the landscape of Latvia!

Shingle roofs can be laid on houses, saunas, guest houses and gazebos. Shingle roofs can be applied to roofs of various shapes, as the material is plastic and easily bends to the installation of complex protrusions.

Chips are made from aspen, pine and fir. Aspen is the cheapest material, but it lasts longer than pine or fir. When laying the chip roof, they are placed with the broken fiber down and the coating is gradually formed, covering 2/3 of the chips. Shingle roofs are ecologically clean, they do not heat up in the summer and the roof also serves as a sound insulation material.

Laying a chip roof is not very difficult, but it is better to entrust it to roofers who have experience, because the master can evaluate the material and lay a roof of a more complex structure.

When laying a chip roof, only freshly torn chips, kept for one or two months, can be used. If stored longer, they dry out and become brittle. Improperly laid chips can be deformed, but it also depends on the structure of the tree (aspen) where it grew and the roofer cannot predict this when laying.

The shingles are laid on wooden slats, nailing them with 60-70 mm long galvanized nails. When laying a roof in three cards, the material consumption is approximately 60-70 chips per square meter. When laying shingle roofing material in two layers, approximately 45-50 chips per square meter will be needed. A three-layer aspen chip (shingle) roof will last up to 30 years without additional treatment (impregnation).