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Green roofing is undeniably the most interesting roof covering. This cover is laid on a flat base, covering it with waterproofing materials, on which a top layer of swamp, land with all grass and dogs is applied. In the past, when waterproofing materials were not available, birch planks were used instead.

During heavy rains, the green roof acts as a kind of sponge and performs other useful functions at the same time. Equally important, green roofing absorbs far less heat than other roofing materials. The installation of a green roof improves the air quality in the building.

Green roofs can last up to 50 years. The green roof covering is an excellent thermal insulation material, which allows you to save money and reduce heating bills in the winter. In summers, which are getting warmer every year, green roofs do not overheat and relieve air conditioning systems.