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Gazebos are one of the most popular and common structures in the garden. In them you can hide from the rain and enjoy the lyrical moods of nature. Spend a nice summer evening in a group of friends or relatives.

Gazebos are often installed in a remote corner of the garden or near a pond. Sometimes gazebos are placed in clusters of trees. Often, the same materials used in the construction of houses are used in the construction of gazebos. In contrast to the structure, gazebos can be light and airy, or, on the contrary, heavy and fundamental. A gazebo can be designed in the style of Robinson Crusoe, as a refuge, as a witch’s cabin, or a hunter’s hut with an oriental touch.

Gazebos can be covered with different roofing materials. Starting from ruberoid paper, bitumen metal tiles, reed shingles, or chip roofs, up to green roofs. Gazebo roofs can be of different shapes, round, three-, four-, six- or even eight-cornered.